Fight Inflation by optimizing Working Capital with Advanced Technology

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     Feb 15, 2023
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Inflation is the current condition of the business environment.  Working Capital/Cash must be optimized to respond to inflation, rising interest rates, and demand pressures for payment.

Inflation is the current condition of the business environment. Accounts Payable &receivable must be established on advanced technology platforms to enable transactions-driven real-time cash control. This Webinar will recognize the inhibitors to good cash flow offset by improvements in cash flow. Working capital is defined as Working Cash.  It is short-term cash on hand to support sales & operations whose availability is impacted primarily by AP & AR. Cash is the chief component in all decisions. Strategies must ensure availability amid inflation.

Session Highlights:

  • Impact of inflation on capital/cash flow

  • Internal cash flow & business sustainability

  • Inhibitors to internal cash flow

  • Improving cash flow with advanced technology

  • Creating a Cash-Centered culture

  • Inhibitors to Internal Cash Flow

  1. Document-driven accounts payable

  2. Document-driven accounts receivable

  3. No real-time internal cash flow control

  4. Lack of visibility when employees work from anywhere

  5. Outdated disbursement techniques

  6. Outdated collection techniques

  7. Clients stretching payment amid inflation

  8. Discounted purchases

  9. Stockpiling inventory

  10. Lack of cash-centered culture

  • Improving Cash Flow with Advanced Technology

  1. Re-imagine accounts payable as a fully integrated core paperless transaction-based payments system

  2. Re-Imagine accounts receivable as a fully  integrated core paperless transaction-based cash & collection system

  3. Re-imagine real-time connection to all transactions& systems to the general ledger

Why you should attend:

Companies thrive and survive on their ability to meet financial obligations as they become due. This requires efficient and sustainable cash flow management. Inflation and inflation interest rates contribute to rising costs of capital. In response, companies must optimize internal cash flow. Advanced technology maximizes the efficiency of cash flow management, which encompasses accounts payable & receivable. 80% of all cash-related company transactions are processed through accounts payable. Inflation requires focused methods to maintain sufficient cash on hand Slow accounts receivable collections experienced during inflation significantly hamper cash flow. Companies must transform document-driven methods & models to transaction-driven tools & technologies to manage cash in real-time

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Carl Young

Carl Young

Carl Young is an Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, and Coach. He holds an MBA and completed graduate studies in Accounting and Taxation. He is a former CFO of a 275M, high growth technology-based company. He has over 25 years of senior-level business management experience. In addition, he has over 25 years of training experience in finance, accounting, and business management. Former CEO of his own small parts manufacturing company as well as former Senior Financial Associate of the major consulting firm. 

He is a member of the American Society of Corporate Controllers, Council of Experts (investment firm Gersen & Lehrman), Society of Industry Leaders (sponsored by Standard & Poors), and the National Association of Accountants. 
An engaging and entertaining speaker and trainer who draws from his experience as a former CFO to make relevant teaching points. Sessions are rich in content, lively, full of energy and include lots of audience interaction. He has branded himself Mr. Simplicity! His goal is to make finance and accounting relevant to non-financial professionals using tools and techniques

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