Utilizing HR Metrics to Illustrate & Enhance Human Resource Contribution

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     Feb 15, 2024
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Human Resource Departments have traditionally been concerned with the processing of transactions and administrative functions –often with little or no objective data to provide them feedback on:

  • the effectiveness of their HR processes

  • or the contribution that these processes are making to the organization’s business strategy

However, many senior corporate executives are no longer satisfied with this scenario – they want HR to prove its value and effectiveness through objective data.

HR Metrics allow HR professionals to:

  • Be seen as business partners who are customer focused, strategic and change-oriented

  • Make greater contributions to their business’ strategic and operational plans

  • Speak the ‘language of business

  • Gauge whether they are satisfying the needs of their internal customers

  • Make continuous, meaningful improvements to processes

  • Show that they are not afraid of measuring their contributions

  • Avoid being outsourced

This interactive webinar will provide an overview of frequently used HR Metrics and describe a methodology for implementing them in your HR function.

Why You Should Attend:

HR professionals leading many of the best-managed HR departments across the U.S. rely heavily on HR Metrics to guide and improve their departments' performance. They recognize that metrics offer significant benefits to both their departments and organizations. Since the leaders of the other functions within their organizations - manufacturing, sales, accounting, customer service, etc. - measure and report their contributions and performance, they as HR professionals should as well.

  • The Benefits of HR Metrics to HR departments and Organizations

  • Identifying What to Measure

  • Recruiting, Interviewing & Selection Metrics

  • Compensation & Benefits Metrics

  • Training & Development Metrics

  • Retention Metrics Formulas

  • Measuring Other HR Processes

  • Strategically Implementing Your HR Dashboard

Who Should Attend:

  • HR Professionals New to the Field

  • Experienced HR Professionals Looking for New Ideas Refresher

You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session.

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Pete Tosh

Pete Tosh

Pete Tosh is the Founder of The Focus Group, a management consulting and training firm that assists organizations in sustaining profitable growth.

Prior to founding his own firm 25 years ago, Pete had 15 years of experience — at the divisional and corporate levels — in Human Resource and Quality functions. Pete held leadership positions — including the V.P. of Human Resources and Quality — with Allied Signal, Imperial Chemical Industries, Reynolds Metals, Charter Medical, and Access Integrated Networks

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